Consumer Advocacy Project

Beginning in the fall semester 2006, the law school added a new Consumer Advocacy Clinic made possible by the Office of the Texas Attorney General to supplement the existing Civil Clinic program. SMU was one of two Texas law schools selected to receive funds available as a result of protracted litigation arising out of the deceptive trade practices of a Texas-based company. The clinic faculty supervises six students and up to three chief counsels' work with predominately Spanish-speaking consumers. Students provide community education and outreach in collaboration with public and private community partners ranging from neighborhood organizations, health care clinics, and church groups to public schools and community colleges, as well as the Dallas Police Department and the City Attorney’s Office. In addition, students provide direct representation of consumers from initial intake through informal or formal mediation. If the Consumer Advocacy Clinic is unable to resolve the client’s problem, it often refers the matter to the Civil Clinic for litigation. Recently, students engaged in a rules-drafting project related to the litigation of consumer debts. Faculty and students expect to present their draft rules to the Rules Committee appointed by the Texas Supreme Court.

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Contact Information

Mary Spector
Associate Dean for Clinics, Director of the Civil/Consumer and Professor of Law

Eric Cedillo
Adjunct Clinical Professor of Law, Hunter Centers 2018 Karnes Spring Break Clinic and Civil/Consumer
Lisa Montes 
Civil/Consumer Clinic
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