Deason Criminal Justice Reform Center

Research and Scholarship
The Deason Criminal Justice Reform Center (“Deason Center”) conducts, supports, and disseminates data-driven criminal justice research that has practical implications for criminal justice reform. The Deason Center publishes and promotes criminal justice reform scholarship in academic journals and public policy fora. The Center prioritizes research designs and scholarly projects that have utility across multiple jurisdictions.  The Center also supports and encourages the criminal justice scholarship of SMU Law faculty.

Education and Outreach
Through conferences, symposia, colloquia, roundtables, and working groups, the Deason Center fosters collaborations between scholars, criminal justice researchers and criminal justice stakeholders.  The Deason Center educates students at SMU Dedman School of Law and SMU about criminal justice issues and provides academic and experiential opportunities for student learning.

Public Service
Consistent with its research agenda, the Deason Center helps criminal justice stakeholders develop and implement best practices.  In support of its research and educational mission, and in recognition of the public service obligation that all lawyers owe to the legal system, the Deason Center will, on a limited basis, engage in direct representation that advances a criminal justice reform agenda.
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